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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

{31 DSP/Day 25 - Losing Weight}

I had a fantastic birthday weekend, ate tons of great food and slept in until 9 (soooo late - ha!).  It was a great time to reconnect with Ben.

Now it is back to reality and the reality is....

I need to lose quite a bit of weight.  I am getting to the point where my feet hurt...a I'm almost a little afraid I have another stress fracture.  *insert big frowny face*  I'm so tired of walking around like an old woman (among other reasons I hate being fat - see here).

I wasn't always very over weight.  It is only been the past 3 or so years that I have been obese.  I checked my BMI (which, for me, is actually a very good indicator of health) and it is 37...not good.  I feel like this:

and it is SOOOO frustrating because I KNOW there is a problem and I KNOW how to fix it...I just don't.  That is my fault.  I did this to myself and nobody can lose the weight for me.

My niece has asked me to be her confirmation sponsor next May.  I'm totally ignoring the fact that she is old enough to be confirmed (she will be 16) and she was less than a year old when Ben and I met.  This means I'll have to stand in front of the congregation...there will be lots of pictures...I want to feel confident and happy in front of the camera.  I also want to be healthy, live longer, blah blah blah...I want to look good in pictures!  :D

I have roughly 32 weeks until the ceremony.  I have around 106 lbs to lose, I'm aiming to get back between 130 - 140 lbs (I am 5'7").  That is a very healthy, positive weight range for me.

Now don't get all excited...I'm not expecting to lose all of that in the next 6-7 months.  I should be well on my way though...I just HAVE TO START!

I would like to wear a dress to the ceremony.  I love this one from Ruche, with some kick ass heels.
via Ruche
It would be amazing to pull that off.  It will be a lot of work but I keep thinking about how great it will feel to walk into the church and stand up with my niece and not worry about my frump.

Today I will get back on my eating plan!

I will do a post soon on my eating/exercise plan.  It was created for me by a good friend of mine who is a personal trainer.  When I have followed it in the past I have felt amazing and seen results, so I know it works.  It takes a bit of planning but I've been repeating the following to myself...

Everything takes work...I need to work at the things that make me a better person!

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