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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{31 DSP/Day 12 - Pantry}

This week I am working in my kitchen.  In our old house I had a huge walk in pantry.  I basically just threw everything in there.  The pantry in this house needs a much different mode of organization.

Exhibit A:

The top portion of the pantry is high and very deep.  Stuff gets lost in the back.  I can't really see what I have.

Exhibit B:

The bottom is easier.  There are shelves on the insides of the doors and the center unit swings out to reveal the shelves in the back.  It seemed like a really cool idea but it is awkward to get to the back shelves.  

I need to be able to see, at a glance, what I have and what I'm missing.  I also need an easy way to store the kids' snacks, so they are able to get their own.

Today I will clean out and organize my pantry (& fridge).

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