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Friday, October 21, 2011

{31 DSP/Day 21 - Packing}

Before I go on a trip I like to have a few things done around the house.  I like to have all the laundry done, refrigerator cleaned out, house clean and an organizational project or two done.  Actually what I really want is the house to be perfect and spotless and magazine is really a sickness.  It helps me to feel calm and good about leaving (whether with the family or not).  It is one thing I always make sure I start a day or two before hand.



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It is Friday morning and we are leaving for the weekend at 3pm and I haven't done anything and the house seems messier than usual.  Monday is my birthday (wahoo my birthday!) and Ben is taking me to the BIG city.  We are meeting my parents there and they are taking the kids to their house so we can have the weekend to ourselves *insert jumping up and down clapping*.  To be totally realistic I only need to have 5 of us packed and the house in reasonable condition.  It is funny how the closer you get to a deadline the more you strip down to the necessities.

All the laundry done?  nope - just the clothes we need for the weekend.
Refrigerator cleaned out? nope - I don't think anything is going to spoil by Sunday.
House clean? uhmmmm...I can do a 'good enough' job in about an hour to make it tidy so I won't be too embarrassed if I die and people have to come into my home (am I the only one who thinks this way?).  <---longest sentence in the history of mankind.
Organize projects?  AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH  *whew*

The fact is all I really HAVE to do is tidy up, pack and make sure the cats have a clean litter box and enough food/water for 3 days.  Totally do able in 5 hours.  If anything else gets's a bonus!

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psssst: The Nester wrote a GREAT post on time and how the demands we have on our has given me A LOT to think about today!

I'll be offline this weekend - see you on Monday!
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