Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that.
Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. -Harold Whitman

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Have a beautiful Sunday!
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Thursday, December 15, 2011

{Christmas Prints}

I bought these a couple months ago to frame pictures of my children for the wall in the guest room/library.  I ended up doing something different on that wall so I casually put two of them above the bookshelves in my office.  I really liked the height they added to the room.

So I decided to create a couple quick prints to fill them for Christmas.  

I made the red and gray "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" print in Illustrator.

The bird tree graphic is from The Graphics Fairy.  It's from a 1870s Christmas card - how cool is that!  I changed the color from black to dark turquoise in Illustrator.  

I hoped to have them printed on regular paper but Kinko's wanted $35/print...uh no.  So I converted them to .jpgs and sent them to Costco for $5/print.  YAY!

If you look really close the prints are a little blurry but from a distance they look great.

In the interest of full disclosure.  This is what the rest of my office looks like...*sigh*... I CANNOT keep it clean and organized.  It is a huge source of stress because it is the first room you see when you open the front door and I cannot be creative in that space!  I really need to make this room a top priority.  {{update: I spent some time in my office today and have cleared the floor (mostly - still some neat piles of stuff that has no home yet) and my desk.  Whew...that feels better!}}

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[also overwhelmed]

and the scary part is i did a lot of things ahead of time to keep myself from feeling overwhelmed.  and yet here i am still feeling like i am racing the clock.  going on a week long trip for thanksgiving and a days before xmas birthday do not help, but these are joyous things and i can't let myself get all stressed out over something good.  christmas in my family is often an emotionally charged holiday, we all have very strong personalities, and well, we are not known for yielding when we feel justifiably wronged.  oi.  so this month is sort of spring loaded jack in the box waiting to explode.  every year i assign myself the job of not turning that crank anymore than absolutely necessary, and maybe we can just keep that box from bursting open.  deep breath.

today. today is all i can control.  on the docket today:

  • drop off kid 1 at school
  • drop off kid 2 at school
  • harass pre-school picture company about not listing ordering deadlines on the form and having a late fee of $13
  • call the father-in-law and figure out schedule for tomorrow with kids
  • shower
  • start straightening up the house or at least put laundry away
  • renew my expired driver's license
  • costco for groceries and to pick up photo prints from vacation for xmas presents for grandparents and vacation scrapbook (because many have asked to see photos from the make a wish at the boy's bday party, so yes I've been stressing myself to deliver, but also because I am on a mission to start printing more) done except the part where the changed the color profile so my 300+ prints are off. . .i don't want to talk about it.
  • take the boy to get his hair cut after school um yeah, the girl got her haircut too. . .i'm not super happy, i liked it long
  • feed the children
  • take the children to number 2's xmas program
  • put the children immediately to bed as it will be past bedtime
  • answer urgent emails from clients
  • perhaps clean some more
  • go to bed before 11 pm (ha, like that will happen)
and it's grey and cloudy and windy and wet today, and i am starting a cold. . .the odds are stacking against me.  but i will do this, find my calm.  make good choices, control my chaos, not let it control me.

i can do this
i am doing this
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Monday, December 12, 2011


So much to do...

Brain filled to capacity...

Where to even start...

I need to make a list...see it all out in front of me...

1. Make meal plan for week
2. Home Blessing Hour for downstairs
3. Zone 3 work (read this to learn about my zones) - this week I am in the Master Bed/Bath
4. Grocery list
5. Bills
6. Print Christmas newsletter
7. Finish addressing/stamping Christmas cards
8. Target for more tree lights, Santa hat for the girl
9. Finish decorating Christmas tree
10. Wrap presents for mailing
11. Mail presents
12. Flowers to Mom for her birthday
13. Put together IKEA Lego storage - sort Legos
14. Purge toys for Christmas
15. Look at blog posts for the week
16. Decide on small OPAM for the rest of December --> Finish Secret Room
17. Laundry

There is much more needing to be done but I think this will take me all day!  :)

Monday:  Lentil Sheppard's Pie || Salad || Bread
Tuesday:  Baked French Toast
Wednesday:  Chicken Parmesan & Penne || Salad
Thursday:  Avocado Chicken Parmesan || Salad
Friday:  Creamy White Chicken & Artichoke Lasagna || Salad || Bread Sticks
Saturday:  Ribs || Slaw || Collard Greens || Corn Bread
Sunday:  Curried Lentil Soup with Coconut Milk || Salad || Naan
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

[landing pad]

with two kids in 5 day school now, the issue of coats and backpacks and organization has become a bigger issue in our house.  we used to hang their backpacks on the door handles of the mudroom and pantry, but my son throws them to the floor to use the doors.  not to mention it makes the kitchen cluttered.  and i can't stand it anymore.

unfortunately our mudroom is big enough for the doors to the garage and the house, and the washer and dryer and little else.  it is a closet and there is no room for hooks and bags in there without claustrophobia setting in daily.  so i was going to have to find another spot.  our front closet is barely big enough for 5 coats and the bar is too high for the kids to reach, not a daily help mommy and hang up your coat option.  we usually resorted to hanging the coats on the banisters to the upstairs which always looked cluttered an unmaintained.  not to mention that the coats and backpack weren't together which is an issue in the hurried mornings.  

so i wanted to hang up a set of double hooks, so they each would have a bag and coat hook.  when i was picking those up at the local everything store i also spotted this wall mounted three bin wire basket do-jobby (real name "3 Pocket Wall File" by katie brown at meijer).  that immediately went in hand as i had been wondering about some sort of baskets to herd hats and extras.  power tools and studs were involved in the following transformation.

i really wanted to keep it slim and un-busy, this is the main hallway of our house.  i managed to get the before and after at about the same angle so you can see it doesn't eat up too much of the hallway.  this is all mary's fault by the way.  i've never hung anything in a hallway, ever, until she sent me the print framed there.  

a view more straight on from in front of that octagonal window.  the only printed pictures i could find of the kids for over the hooks are from 2.5 years ago, but it got across the idea.  i want to get self adhesive removable photo frames but haven't settled on a set (they loved the old pictures by the way).  depending on the sticker frame set i may add a family picture or two above or to the right of my daughter's hook.  maybe something seasonal or a quote, akin to mary's mantel, in landing pad form.

that door is to our first floor powder room. the dry erase removable dots are by The Board Dudes and i picked them up at target for around $8 if i remember correctly.  on the spots we can leave the kids notes and reminders and my husband and i can send dorky love notes to each other on the third one.  

each kid gets a bin for extras like gloves and hats and things and then the middle bin is for them to put their school folder in when they hang up their backpack. it is now their job to put it in their backpack in the morning.  i like having both their school to home folders in one place.  in the middle we'll also store my daughter's weekly book report-like assignment that we are not allowed to return until the next friday. we complete it the friday it comes home so we don't forget and i had been keeping it in her backpack but something was said and the kids are saying they aren't supposed to do that anymore.  i had been having a terrible time finding a good place for it so we wouldn't forget it.  it can live there now.  

the husband had been a bit skeptical but is a big fan of it now that it is done.   the spots really pulled it together, so that was an awesome find.  our doorbell speaker is mounted on the wall right above this area so we can stash the pen to hide it from the kids.  they already asked to draw, i vetoed.  no markers on my walls.  there is another area i may do some chalkboard paint for them, it needs a little something.  

this was my october opam.  it's not completely perfectly done yet, but the major construction is done and that's what counts in my book.  

we will ignore what i cropped out. all the drill bits and tools still on the floor infront of the front door.  
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

{31 DSP/Day 26 - Thanksgiving Printable}

Today I will make a November printable to frame on the mantel.
Look at me getting stuff done for next month!  

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

{31 DSP/Day 25 - Losing Weight}

I had a fantastic birthday weekend, ate tons of great food and slept in until 9 (soooo late - ha!).  It was a great time to reconnect with Ben.

Now it is back to reality and the reality is....

I need to lose quite a bit of weight.  I am getting to the point where my feet hurt...a I'm almost a little afraid I have another stress fracture.  *insert big frowny face*  I'm so tired of walking around like an old woman (among other reasons I hate being fat - see here).

I wasn't always very over weight.  It is only been the past 3 or so years that I have been obese.  I checked my BMI (which, for me, is actually a very good indicator of health) and it is 37...not good.  I feel like this:

and it is SOOOO frustrating because I KNOW there is a problem and I KNOW how to fix it...I just don't.  That is my fault.  I did this to myself and nobody can lose the weight for me.

My niece has asked me to be her confirmation sponsor next May.  I'm totally ignoring the fact that she is old enough to be confirmed (she will be 16) and she was less than a year old when Ben and I met.  This means I'll have to stand in front of the congregation...there will be lots of pictures...I want to feel confident and happy in front of the camera.  I also want to be healthy, live longer, blah blah blah...I want to look good in pictures!  :D

I have roughly 32 weeks until the ceremony.  I have around 106 lbs to lose, I'm aiming to get back between 130 - 140 lbs (I am 5'7").  That is a very healthy, positive weight range for me.

Now don't get all excited...I'm not expecting to lose all of that in the next 6-7 months.  I should be well on my way though...I just HAVE TO START!

I would like to wear a dress to the ceremony.  I love this one from Ruche, with some kick ass heels.
via Ruche
It would be amazing to pull that off.  It will be a lot of work but I keep thinking about how great it will feel to walk into the church and stand up with my niece and not worry about my frump.

Today I will get back on my eating plan!

I will do a post soon on my eating/exercise plan.  It was created for me by a good friend of mine who is a personal trainer.  When I have followed it in the past I have felt amazing and seen results, so I know it works.  It takes a bit of planning but I've been repeating the following to myself...

Everything takes work...I need to work at the things that make me a better person!

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

[the dragon bead]

yesterday i had a free bit of time and i decided a childless trip to the craft store was in order. on tuesday we will celebrate my son's 1000th bravery bead (a local version of beads of courage).  he earns a bead for everything he has to do as part of pediatric cancer treatment, even after treatment has ended, because for many, they don't get an express back to normal land.

but this isn't a post about what a stud he is.  it is a response to what mary posted below.  

first i went in there with several ideas of what i wanted.  see on a recent roadtrip we announced the passing of every 100th mile we drove and the kids passed imaginary medals to the driver to congratulate them as the trip meter clicked over.  this came up when discussing his upcoming achievement, "will i get a medal for my 1000th bead?" he may have only meant figuratively, but my crafty brain wanted a real one.

i devised a plan to attach little metal medals to each 100th bead and a different awesome medal for the 1000th.  i wanted numbers 1-9 for the first 900 and then something medal looking for 1000.  the store had neither numbers of any material or anything that looked like a medal/prize ribbon.  this is always a deflating and overwhelming experience at the local mega-craft store.  first, they don't have what you had in mind, and second you must now devise an alternate concept from three aisles of beading supplies.  

i told myself, "it doesn't have to be perfect, he'll love it because it will be the only idea he'll ever see, just pick something."

i decided i wanted something more like charm that dangled as opposed to a fancy bead attached to another bead, that narrowed the choices significantly.  i found a double swirling design, it reminded me of a koru, which had special meaning abounding. medals, done.  came in packs of six, even better, done and done.

the 1000th bead medal took me forever.  and i mean forever.  mostly because beading stuff is so feminine, and he is a brave super tough 1000 bead earning boy.  at last i found a small 3D dragon, it was pretty tough looking.  he and my husband play a computer game called "Dragon Age Legends." dragons are super tough, this was perfect.

i also got some red coated copper wire as i had in my mind the idea to use jump rings to attach them quickly but had realized in the store that the beads are so large they don't make rings that big (not to mention some of the special ceramic beads are 2-5 times bigger than the wood ones).  so since i couldn't let my idea go, i got the wire because it would be tougher and i could fashion my own rings or such. . .right?

disaster.  i tried about eight times before i gave up and got out thread, i found this vintage metallic thread my mom bought in the 70's and it worked perfectly.  the double koru medals are perfect and full of all this meaning to me and our family, the dragon is perfect, the thread is perfect.  i even found a silver star that reads "wish" which i went ahead and attached to the bead for our upcoming make-a-wish holiday trip (look at me not procrastinating. . .she is wearing off on me).  

so the dragon medal is already attached to bead 1000 and ready to go for tuesday when we will proceed to make a big deal over the whole thing.  but this isn't about his beads and what they mean. this is about things mary and i seem to be learning in tandem.

1) it all was a much easier project when i stopped making it so hard 

  • letting go of what i had envisioned for the medals and just looking for meaning in what was available and could be purchased that day finished in 24 hours
  • quitting with the handmade jump ring or loops without scratchy edges idea when it wasn't working, despite trying to make it work over and over.
2) this isn't about perfect execution, it's about meaning
  • josh just wanted medals he never said what they had to look like
  • by opening my mind up to making the best of what was available i was able to insert more meaning into the project because i allowed my mind to just wander and pull in elements that are significant to our family.
  • i had to remind myself that the value in all of this was making him feel proud, not winning some prize for first place crafting.  hearing him say "i'm as brave as a dragon!" priceless.
3) when you set the right intention, things have a way of falling into place, or at the least you don't mind the bumps and mishaps.
  • when i calmed myself and just thought about needing to have this done before tuesday, i sort of released control over the details to wanting to finish it, to wanting to make over his 1000th bead, to having ready some really cool bead for him to string himself after OT on tuesday.
  • as i look on the shelf at the items in the picture above i see all of what i wanted for the medals project.  it all came together perfectly because i gave up the idea of perfection.
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Friday, October 21, 2011

{31 DSP/Day 21 - Packing}

Before I go on a trip I like to have a few things done around the house.  I like to have all the laundry done, refrigerator cleaned out, house clean and an organizational project or two done.  Actually what I really want is the house to be perfect and spotless and magazine is really a sickness.  It helps me to feel calm and good about leaving (whether with the family or not).  It is one thing I always make sure I start a day or two before hand.



via appjudge

It is Friday morning and we are leaving for the weekend at 3pm and I haven't done anything and the house seems messier than usual.  Monday is my birthday (wahoo my birthday!) and Ben is taking me to the BIG city.  We are meeting my parents there and they are taking the kids to their house so we can have the weekend to ourselves *insert jumping up and down clapping*.  To be totally realistic I only need to have 5 of us packed and the house in reasonable condition.  It is funny how the closer you get to a deadline the more you strip down to the necessities.

All the laundry done?  nope - just the clothes we need for the weekend.
Refrigerator cleaned out? nope - I don't think anything is going to spoil by Sunday.
House clean? uhmmmm...I can do a 'good enough' job in about an hour to make it tidy so I won't be too embarrassed if I die and people have to come into my home (am I the only one who thinks this way?).  <---longest sentence in the history of mankind.
Organize projects?  AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH  *whew*

The fact is all I really HAVE to do is tidy up, pack and make sure the cats have a clean litter box and enough food/water for 3 days.  Totally do able in 5 hours.  If anything else gets's a bonus!

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psssst: The Nester wrote a GREAT post on time and how the demands we have on our has given me A LOT to think about today!

I'll be offline this weekend - see you on Monday!
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Thursday, October 20, 2011

{waiting for perfect}

I need to remind myself of this everyday...sometimes every minute.
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{31 DSP/Day 20 - Special Package}

Jobs/Chores that require me to leave the house have the HIGHEST probability of being put off.  Loading and unloading the toddler and changing out of my pajamas is very unmotivating.  Today, though, I am tackling it head on!

Today I'm finally getting the girl clothes back to Melissa.  

There might be a few extra treats inside as well!  :)  There is now a nice open space on my office floor that is no longer occupied by a giant box.  YAY!

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

{The Idea of Perfection}

The Nester posted this video this morning.  Wow Wow Wow!  Mr. Glass is talking about Storytelling but what he is saying could be applied to any creative work.  The important thing is to GET STARTED and to do a large volume of work.  Most importantly he says that at first your work will not be very good, but don't give up, push through to greatness!

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{31 DSP/Day 18 - Paint the tree}

I finished painting the girl's room a month or so ago.  I painted it Sherwin Williams "Waterscape" made 25% darker.

SW Waterscape (original sample - we used a shade 25% darker)

The girl really liked the idea of a tree being painted on her wall.  So we hopped over to pinterest to see if we could find some inspiration.  She loved the following pictures...

via Ucreate

This was the first picture we found.  We liked the statement the 3 large trees made in the room.  We loved that one was a different color and that it was used to hang pictures/objects that the child loved and could  change with the seasons if desired.  However, the process is more complicated than I am willing to do.  The Mom printed out the image of the tree on a transparency slide and borrowed a projector from her kids' school to trace on the many much chance for procrastination.  This picture started the ball rolling and the post gave me lots of great tips on making branches.

via hgtv

We loved everything about this room.  The desk, the chairs, the color, the shelves, the organizing.  It looks like such a nice, comfy room that will easily grow with the child.  I like that the 'tree' is more free form and vine like.  It seems like it would be easier to paint, less room for error.  I'm not crazy about the green tree so we will paint the tree white.

Today I will paint the tree on the girl's wall.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

{31 DSP/Day 17 - Weed}

As illustrated by the picture I haven't weeded in weeks (dare I say longer?  I honestly don't know!).  Which is ridiculous because our soil is very sandy so the weeds pull right out (not like the hard clay we had at the old house).  I know it will only take me 45 min or so to weed our .8 I have no excuse NOT to do it.  :)

Today I will weed!
(update: done!)

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

{31 DSP/Day 16 - Powder Room Art}

I painted our powder room about a month ago.  I have been kind of at a loss at what to put in there.  I found a couple rooms on pinterest that I liked but nothing screamed "THIS IS IT!"...and sometimes I really need that. :)  

I liked the idea of using Silhouettes and I have one of Ben when he was a child:

via decorpad

...but again...that takes time and lots of steps and child cooperation...and I could just see myself putting it off and putting it off.

I also like the idea of using paintings.  My great aunt was an amazing painter and I have several of her paintings.   I thought it would make a wonderful statement to group them all together and make a gallery of her work.  Unfortunately I couldn't come up with an arrangement that looked full and complete to me.  Then it hit me...combine the two and fill it in as you can!!!!  woot woot ding ding ding we have a winner!  I knew two of the paintings would go over the toilet.  So I decided to start there.

Today I will hang some art in the Powder Room!
(Update: Done!)

 Before: So hard to get a picture of the room.

You get extra points if your mirror is as streaky as mine!

Some day I may repaint the frames so they are all the same color but for now I love seeing her work on display!

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

{31 DSP - Day 15 - Printable}

A couple of days ago I worked on my fall mantel.  I didn't quite finish and have been tweaking it ever since.  One of the things I felt it needed was some text.  A nice printable to add visual interest.  I was going to make my own but never got too it.  I started looking around and most of the printables I found we too 'cutesy' for my tastes.  Then I remembered that Jennifer from dear lillie had a free October printable (she's really cool like that).  Since she and I have a very similar design style and aesthetic I knew it would be perfect.

Today I will print out a quote for the mantle!
(update: done!)

I printed it out and low and printer was out of everything but red ink.  ARGH!  Oh well, I put it in the frame anyway.  It looks really nice.  I may reprint it once I change the cartridges but I may not.  November is just around the corner and something new will go in it's place.  For now it works beautifully (even though it is beautifully imperfect)!

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Friday, October 14, 2011

{31 DSP/Day 14 - Paint my nails}

YAY!  It's friday!  It is time for a little pampering!  I don't feel put together if my nails are all jagged and dirty.  If there are any rough edges I start to pick and pull and then create a bigger problem.  It has been a couple weeks since I last filed, buffed, and painted my nails.  It is time.

Let's assess the situation shall we....


Yes that is dirt and old nail polish...there is even a little paint from the guest room project...sigh.  Oh yeah!  That's the office/guest room paint behind my hand...still LOVE it!

I'm going to spare you a picture of my toe nails.  Besides clipping I've done nothing to them since early July (when I got my last pedicure).  Let's just say when you are 106 pounds overweight it is a little hard to bend down there and paint them...another reason why being obese sucks!

Today I will clip, file, buff, and paint my finger nails and toe nails!

This picture was taken Monday morning.  I painted them Friday night.  This is why I don't usually paint my nails a color.  As soon as I have to do anything with my hands the color chips.  I've tried everything to combat this and nothing has works.  So, typically I choose a pale pink or clear polish.  I'll remove this color today (Monday) and repaint with a one of my paler colors.

The only question now is...what color will they be?  (update: I chose FingerPaints color "Hue are you?" - it's a nice muddy brown color, perfect for fall)

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{31 DSP/Day 12 - Pantry}

This week I am working in my kitchen.  In our old house I had a huge walk in pantry.  I basically just threw everything in there.  The pantry in this house needs a much different mode of organization.

Exhibit A:

The top portion of the pantry is high and very deep.  Stuff gets lost in the back.  I can't really see what I have.

Exhibit B:

The bottom is easier.  There are shelves on the insides of the doors and the center unit swings out to reveal the shelves in the back.  It seemed like a really cool idea but it is awkward to get to the back shelves.  

I need to be able to see, at a glance, what I have and what I'm missing.  I also need an easy way to store the kids' snacks, so they are able to get their own.

Today I will clean out and organize my pantry (& fridge).

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


i'm funky

and not in the cool punky brewster way.  i can't say what one thing is the source, it's more of a general malaise. but what i am is: in and out and back again, funkified.  

there's a lot to be said about setting expectations about what you hope to achieve and then having that splat and implode.  there's a lot to be said about post traumatic stress disorder.  there's a lot to be said about a crisis of purpose, as in which path is the one meant for you, and how to find it again.

i'm also in week 3 of this course: and it has been as well timed for me as i thought it would be.  but, in a good way, it is also adding to my funk.  

people keep expecting things from me, energy i'm unsure i want to give or am just too tired to contemplate despite wanting to. . .or am just flat out uninspired by the thought of doing.  i'm in a rut of non-involvement, which is somewhat a good thing but can't be the only thing.  the husband was out of town for a week last week.  the boy has started both weekly occupational therapy and physical therapy appointments two mornings a week which make for half days of school for him those days and have thrown my expectations of available mommy "get 'er done" time out the window.  also in the mix, plans about being able to be involved in my daughter's first grade class as i had in her kindergarten activities continue to get blown apart.  so, i found myself filling out a volunteer form for the school cafeteria.

i'm going to be a lunch lady.
a parent volunteer, once a week.
but all the same.
i'm going to be a lunch lady.


my daughter is pretty excited though and it is, as hoped, helping smooth over her disappointment about the limited volunteer schedule to be in her classroom. she proceeded to tell me about the jobs i might land as a lunch lady, she hopes i get to be the ketchup mom.  as in the mom that walks around with a big thing of ketchup and gives you ketchup when you raise your hand. i hope i can hack that one, it sounds pretty intense.  there are plans to make sure she needs ketchup if i am the ketchup mom.  mustard mom is apparently not a cool job, "nobody really likes mustard mommy, it's gross." i may also score the job of opening stuff kids can't open in their lunch, but that sounds like upper management, i'll have to work my way up from mustard mom most likely.

mustard mom.  oi.  but that was the point of this academic year, to relish the cool parts about being a stay at home mom, one with all her kids in school and the ability to volunteer and be present at her kids' schools and make them smile.  you know before they are too old to be embarrassed that their mom is the ketchup mom.

i'm trying to stop being funky. had a quote the other day "if we are ever to enjoy life, now is the time, not tomorrow or next year." thomas dreier.

now is my one little word for 2011.  so i've been trying to stop procrastinating like mary the spectacular, i cleaned the second floor yesterday, not super clean but clean enough, i even used the hand tool thingy on the steps. i needed to start somewhere.  it felt good to do it and the sun shined, and that felt good too.

so today we all started off on a better foot, and on the roof of the parking garage at the childrens' hospital my son and i saw this.  he declared it a "sun comet" a sun that looked like a comet.  

the picture isn't quite as comet-ey, but i had limited resources. i took the picture on my cell phone, because i wanted to remember the sun comet.  remember to look up, look around, because this now is all you've got.

i read this thing about how you should prioritize five things you wanted to achieve any given day.  these were the five i wrote to myself in an email before i fell asleep:

get the girl to school haappy, excited, and loved.
get the boy to school the same and with thomas engines for share day.
call pediatrician about vaccination appointment that now conflicts with pt weekly appt.
email clients.
clean master bath or kitchen and powder room.

i got the first two, and they were the ones that mattered, the third i did call but got lunch break and then closed, must try harder tomorrow.  fourth i will probably do tonight, which is when i expected to do it.  fifth, eh, that can happen tomorrow or not.

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{31 DSP/Day 11 - Office Floor}

When we moved into our new house it was very important for me to have an office.  I take care of everything that is involved in running and managing our home (cleaning, meals, appointments, bills, etc) and felt I needed my own dedicated space to do that.  This house has a room to the right as you walk in the house. The previous owners used it as a sitting room, for me it was a perfect office space.  Unfortunately, my propensity for procrastination has led it to be a dumping ground for random (and not so random) stuff.  It is hard to work effectively when you literally cannot enter the room.  Plus it looks terrible and is not the impression I wanted to give visitors.

Today I will de-clutter the office to the point where I can work on organizing it further.
(update: done! - It took about an hour and a half - not nearly as long as I was afraid it would take)

I have such great plans for this space.  It will be a craft/sewing/paperwork space.  I can't wait to share pictures when I get it finished. 

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Monday, October 10, 2011

{31 DSP/Day 10 - Fall Mantel}

It is fall mantel time!!!  Ideally I would have had this done prior to now but hey...that is why I'm doing this series.  For the first time in my life I have a mantel to decorate - HAPPY DAY!  Here is my beautiful two story stone fireplace.  

Please ignore the aero bed.  
It was our first night in the new house and our furniture hadn't arrived.

The mantel itself is very narrow so I have to be careful with what I put up there.  I wasn't sure what would work so I headed over to pinterest to find some inspiration.  

First this lovely mantel from Kimba (ASPL - love her) jumped out at me.  The stone looks similar to what I have.  It is simple and I love the variations of height with the mirror and frame.  

Again, I like the variation of hight and the mix of natural elements.

LOVE the wreath hanging over the frame!!!!

Today I will complete our fall mantel.
(update: Almost done, I need to get more pumpkins & print off a fall print I made)

After lunch the dTrain and I will head over to the craft store and see what we can find.  I have a few things at the house that we will use but need some gourds and stuff.

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