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Friday, June 1, 2012

{beef & kimchi stew with kelp noodles}

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Tonight I made a new dish, Beef & Kimchi Stew with Kelp Noodles.  It was a hit!  

Well it was a hit with the husband, myself and the 3 year old, the 7 and 8 year olds passed.  The dish was very easy to put together and the flavors were smooth and spicy.  I could have eaten the entire recipe myself.

I have had a long love affair with kimchi.  Kimchi is a traditional fermented Korean dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings.  There are hundreds of varieties of kimchi made with a main vegetable ingredient such as napa cabbage, radish, scallion or cucumber.*  Kimchi has a reputation of clearing out the room when opened, with it's fermented scent.  While this may be the case in some instances my experience with King's kimchi and Grateful Harvest (a homemade kimchi I found at Market of Choice) showed that while kimchi has a distinct aroma, it is far from overwhelming.  I love the taste of it, crunchy, bright and sparkly.  Kimchi is also very good for you.  Per wikipedia*; 

                Kimchi is made of various vegetables and contains a high concentration of dietary fiber
                while being low in calories. One serving also provides over 50% of the daily 
                recommended amount of vitamin C and carotene. Most types of kimchi contain 
                onions, garlic, and chilli peppers, all of which are salutary. The vegetables 
                being made into kimchi also contribute to the overall nutritional value. Kimchi is 
                rich in vitamin A, thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), calcium, and iron, and contains 
                a number of lactic acid bacteria, among those the typical specie Lactobacillus kimchi
               Health magazine named kimchi in its list of top five "World's Healthiest Foods" for 
               being rich in vitamins, aiding digestion, and even possibly reducing cancer growth.

Long story more kimchi (but I'm not a doctor or a nutritionist so please don't take me as one)!

Before this recipe I had never heard of kelp noodles.  These noodles are becoming increasingly popular among raw foodies and paleo enthusiasts.  As the name suggests they are made from kelp and are gluten free & vegan.  They are a glassy noodle with a terrific crunch when raw and a smooth bite when simmered.  They are very low in calories and fats, while high in trace minerals.  They were perfect in this recipe and I am looking forward to eating them again!

I was not compensated for my opinion.  Neither King's or Grateful Harvest know who I am...but if they want to send me Kimchi I wouldn't say no.

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