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Friday, October 14, 2011

{31 DSP/Day 14 - Paint my nails}

YAY!  It's friday!  It is time for a little pampering!  I don't feel put together if my nails are all jagged and dirty.  If there are any rough edges I start to pick and pull and then create a bigger problem.  It has been a couple weeks since I last filed, buffed, and painted my nails.  It is time.

Let's assess the situation shall we....


Yes that is dirt and old nail polish...there is even a little paint from the guest room project...sigh.  Oh yeah!  That's the office/guest room paint behind my hand...still LOVE it!

I'm going to spare you a picture of my toe nails.  Besides clipping I've done nothing to them since early July (when I got my last pedicure).  Let's just say when you are 106 pounds overweight it is a little hard to bend down there and paint them...another reason why being obese sucks!

Today I will clip, file, buff, and paint my finger nails and toe nails!

This picture was taken Monday morning.  I painted them Friday night.  This is why I don't usually paint my nails a color.  As soon as I have to do anything with my hands the color chips.  I've tried everything to combat this and nothing has works.  So, typically I choose a pale pink or clear polish.  I'll remove this color today (Monday) and repaint with a one of my paler colors.

The only question now is...what color will they be?  (update: I chose FingerPaints color "Hue are you?" - it's a nice muddy brown color, perfect for fall)

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