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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

{31 DSP - Day 5 - Laundry}

I yelled.  

I yelled a lot this morning.  

At my sweet 8 year old who was not ready for school when we needed to go and I had to remind him 5 times to do things he does everyday!  

One problem was he couldn't find any clean clothes...because I haven't put away his laundry for three weeks.  I know you are thinking..."well why doesn't he put away his OWN laundry?"...and I would say "you are exactly right!"  He should be putting away his own laundry.  We just haven't got there yet. 

That is a pile of clean clothes.  They are all clean.  For two+ weeks this pile has been in our bedroom (to the left of this picture).  I moved it to it's present location two days ago....

What is wrong with me?  Actually the reason is I don't want to carry it all upstairs.  *guh*  I am so lame errr lazy!  This morning we scrounged around looking for clothes and I was ugly mommy and sent him off to school with that memory.  I feel terrible about it.  He needs a system for his clothes that works for him (like laying out his clothes the night before), but first that I need to move this pile from out of my kitchen!!!!    

Today I am going to put away the kids laundry!! 
& evaluate how to help them do it themselves 
(that doesn't involve stuffing it under their beds which leads to no clean underwear)!!
(update: I didn't get this done.  I did get the guest room put back together though.  Last night I pulled out clothes for the kids so they didn't have to dig for them this morning, that helped a lot!)

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