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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

{31 DSP/Day 18 - Paint the tree}

I finished painting the girl's room a month or so ago.  I painted it Sherwin Williams "Waterscape" made 25% darker.

SW Waterscape (original sample - we used a shade 25% darker)

The girl really liked the idea of a tree being painted on her wall.  So we hopped over to pinterest to see if we could find some inspiration.  She loved the following pictures...

via Ucreate

This was the first picture we found.  We liked the statement the 3 large trees made in the room.  We loved that one was a different color and that it was used to hang pictures/objects that the child loved and could  change with the seasons if desired.  However, the process is more complicated than I am willing to do.  The Mom printed out the image of the tree on a transparency slide and borrowed a projector from her kids' school to trace on the many much chance for procrastination.  This picture started the ball rolling and the post gave me lots of great tips on making branches.

via hgtv

We loved everything about this room.  The desk, the chairs, the color, the shelves, the organizing.  It looks like such a nice, comfy room that will easily grow with the child.  I like that the 'tree' is more free form and vine like.  It seems like it would be easier to paint, less room for error.  I'm not crazy about the green tree so we will paint the tree white.

Today I will paint the tree on the girl's wall.

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