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Sunday, October 16, 2011

{31 DSP/Day 16 - Powder Room Art}

I painted our powder room about a month ago.  I have been kind of at a loss at what to put in there.  I found a couple rooms on pinterest that I liked but nothing screamed "THIS IS IT!"...and sometimes I really need that. :)  

I liked the idea of using Silhouettes and I have one of Ben when he was a child:

via decorpad

...but again...that takes time and lots of steps and child cooperation...and I could just see myself putting it off and putting it off.

I also like the idea of using paintings.  My great aunt was an amazing painter and I have several of her paintings.   I thought it would make a wonderful statement to group them all together and make a gallery of her work.  Unfortunately I couldn't come up with an arrangement that looked full and complete to me.  Then it hit me...combine the two and fill it in as you can!!!!  woot woot ding ding ding we have a winner!  I knew two of the paintings would go over the toilet.  So I decided to start there.

Today I will hang some art in the Powder Room!
(Update: Done!)

 Before: So hard to get a picture of the room.

You get extra points if your mirror is as streaky as mine!

Some day I may repaint the frames so they are all the same color but for now I love seeing her work on display!

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