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Saturday, October 15, 2011

{31 DSP - Day 15 - Printable}

A couple of days ago I worked on my fall mantel.  I didn't quite finish and have been tweaking it ever since.  One of the things I felt it needed was some text.  A nice printable to add visual interest.  I was going to make my own but never got too it.  I started looking around and most of the printables I found we too 'cutesy' for my tastes.  Then I remembered that Jennifer from dear lillie had a free October printable (she's really cool like that).  Since she and I have a very similar design style and aesthetic I knew it would be perfect.

Today I will print out a quote for the mantle!
(update: done!)

I printed it out and low and printer was out of everything but red ink.  ARGH!  Oh well, I put it in the frame anyway.  It looks really nice.  I may reprint it once I change the cartridges but I may not.  November is just around the corner and something new will go in it's place.  For now it works beautifully (even though it is beautifully imperfect)!

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