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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

{31 DSP - Day 4 - Replant Basil}

Yesterdays DSP (Day to Stop Procrastinating) was EPIC.  

I mean...I PAINTED a whole room!!  I did it and it feels great!  It's a job that I can CROSS OFF THE LIST!  I won't have to do that room again for a long time.  I LOVE non maintenance jobs!

I do want to say that not all my goals will be so huge.  

Today it a much smaller, much sweeter, much tastier goal.  

Several weeks ago I discovered a little Thai Basil plant growing next to my fence.  He (I don't know if it is a he but it seems right) must have seeded from our neighbors garden.  Unfortunately he is in a  precarious spot and is in constant danger of being mowed over or trimmed down with the weed whacker.  Ben has been SO good about being careful in that area until I could transplant the basil to a pot, and thus safely out of harms way.  Well it's been weeks...maybe a month or two...I can't remember.  Two days ago he said "Move the basil or it is going down next time I trim."  Fair enough.  

Today I am going to pull on my garden gloves, grab my shovel and save my little Thai Basil from certain destruction.  
(update: DONE!  Here are the pictures of my little guy! 
I apologize for my pictures...I'm not very savvy with my camera)

mmmmmmm...Thai Basil....makes me dream of Singapore....

Maybe I should use him to make a little hawker stand style soup?  

here is a little inspiration to get you motivated today!

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