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Monday, October 3, 2011

{31 Days to Quit Procrastinating - Day 3 (err 1) - Painting the Guest Room}

One of my favorite bloggers The Nester and a few other bloggers are having a series called "31 days..." and have invited their readers to join in. The idea is to choose something to blog about each and every day of October. I have decided to join in (not sure if I'll link up) and do "31 Days to Stop Procrastinating" - which is fitting because it is now October 3rd and I've been putting off blogging about this!

There are SO many things I have procrastinated on that it is stealing my peace of mind.  It really bothers me that we have lived in this house for 9 months and there are still piles EVERYWHERE.  I hate that I feel I'm just putting out fires...not doing what I would like to do.

So my goal is to do at least one thing each day that I've been putting off and then post a picture of it at the end of the day (Yay accountability!).  So....

(update: FINISHED! It took me 8 hours - since I also had to keep my children from going totally feral.  Once the color was up and I could stand back and look at both rooms I decided that I do love it!  Hooray!)

please ignore the stuff piled in the middle (duh)

I am having slight 'buyers' remorse about my paint color for the office and guest room.  It isn't quite gray enough.

This was my inspiration room - I LOVE this room, which is painted in SW Knitting Needles:

SW Knitting Needles

I brought a sample home and put it on the walls.  It was MUCH darker than it looked online (I knew that colors look different online, which is why it is so important to try a sample).  It also might have been because the rooms don't get as much natural light (another post).  I did like the tones of the color so I went back to Sherwin Williams and had them mix it at 50%.  The sample looked great!  So I decided to go with that.  I liked it enough in my office, which mirrors the guest room, but it seemed to look more blue than gray.  Unfortunately when I started painting the guest room on Saturday Ben walked in and said "It looks purple."  Uhhhhhhh NOT the color I am going for, but I keep telling myself that it is the same color as the office (aka NOT PURPLE).  I'm hoping that when I'm done and the room is put back together I will like it.  The idea of repainting...well I just can't talk about it...


Join me as I quit procrastinating and become the kind of woman who gets things done...not just the kind of woman who makes lists that never get completed!

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