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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

{31 DSP/Day 11 - Office Floor}

When we moved into our new house it was very important for me to have an office.  I take care of everything that is involved in running and managing our home (cleaning, meals, appointments, bills, etc) and felt I needed my own dedicated space to do that.  This house has a room to the right as you walk in the house. The previous owners used it as a sitting room, for me it was a perfect office space.  Unfortunately, my propensity for procrastination has led it to be a dumping ground for random (and not so random) stuff.  It is hard to work effectively when you literally cannot enter the room.  Plus it looks terrible and is not the impression I wanted to give visitors.

Today I will de-clutter the office to the point where I can work on organizing it further.
(update: done! - It took about an hour and a half - not nearly as long as I was afraid it would take)

I have such great plans for this space.  It will be a craft/sewing/paperwork space.  I can't wait to share pictures when I get it finished. 

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