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Friday, July 1, 2011

{pros & cons of being obese}

I thought I would make a list of the Pros and Cons of being obese...this list is by no means exhaustive!

1. Not counting calories
2. Instant gratification - eating what I want/when I want.

1. My knees creak and crackle when I bend them (what the...I'm only 32!).
2. I can't wear any of the clothes I want and the clothes I can wear are not comfortable.
3. I feel very self conscience of how I move through the room (am I waddling?).
4. I fear that someone will congratulate me on my impending birth.
5. I don't feel comfortable in a bathing suit or naked.
6. My feet hurt when I walk.
7. My joints ache.
8. I feel that everyone is looking at me with either pity or disgust.
9. I'm a bad example for my children.
10. I feel very sluggish.
11. When I look down I feel my chins folding. (this is a new one but holy camoly I don't like the way that feels).
12. I feel like life is passing me by.
13. Getting mad at myself for letting this happen.
14. I don't want the people who knew me thin & fit to see me now.
15. I don't have any weight related health problems.......yet!
16. My wedding rings don't fit and I'm not going to pay to have them enlarged....again.
17. I don't feel like myself.
18. The bed shakes when I roll over (or my boobs get in the way).
19. Walking up the stairs makes me short of breath.
20. My shoes have flattened out width wise. :{

21. I have a fear of something happening to me, the EMTs being called and it taking 4 of them to lift and move me.

Now when I am really tempted to eat/drink something I shouldn't I can look at these 21 reasons why I hate being obese and compare them to the 2 reasons 'I like' being obese. I think the choice is clear!

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