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Friday, July 1, 2011

[hi july]

when did you get here?  so june was fun.  busy.  unexpected.  and now we have july.  hello and how do you do?  

i actually called the pediatric dentist today. i told her to never call me, i love me the email, like seriously, if it's not electronic, it never happened.  i decided that's why i like email and texting, it's there and i can look it up.  voice mails have to be saved and replayed and i can't do that with kids being, well, my kids.  i need important information delivered in a format that is easily accessible to me, that can be digested discretely (meaning i can read and not attract my kids by the sound), and in a means i can come back to multiple times and pick up where i left off-not have to start over.

seriously.  have you tried to take down a voice mail phone number while my children are near you?  you haven't or you would never leave me a voice mail, ever.  i've actually turned away photography clients who insist on calling me, repeatedly.  yeah my phone number is on the card and website, but that's for texting me "baby's diaper exploded, running late, be there soon."  not to call me at 3pm school pick up to ask advice about wardrobe or my availability.  no, that info is not on the site, because that would make me sound well, weird, and possibly social awkward.     

anywho.  i called.  and the drivel above is to prove how that this is indeed monumental for me. i even called the appraiser for our refinance back, right after i listened to her, you guessed it, voice mail.  i think i've maxed out my available awesome for the day.

i then entered actual appointments into the google calendar, what crack was in that coffee this morning?

i've even washed, dried, and folded laundry. not yelled at my kids, enjoyed having a day out with them and my father-in-law (in public places no less), and now i am blogging.

seriously this is a massive assault on my inertia of late. the night before last i finished my niece's photo session from 2 months ago.

i don't think i can handle a to-do list, besides i'm supposed to make them in the morning not at 1 pm.

i'll just add one

  • don't suck at the rest of the day
there, that should do it.

oh and july opam?  yeah.  see june opam. . .cuz it didn't so much get done.
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1 comment:

  1. You are full of WIN today! I am so proud!

    I am anti VM too - text/email me please! Transferring information from voice to paper is more than I can handle sometimes. :D

    here is to making June's OPAM into July's OPAM! There are no set rules here - we do what we can and be happy about it.