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Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. -Harold Whitman

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

[opam- june]

what is OPAM?  well it started with me reading this blog post by tara whitney. it's one project a month. not one huge undertaking a month <insert throat clear *cough cough mary cough cough*>. one project, one thing on the to do list, tha twill make you happy.

that was one thing i discovered during staging the house and now settling back in.  it's amazing how one little thing like finally measuring a window and getting a new blind can make a difference.  how just finally doing it, hanging that picture, can make a huge difference.

i would easily nominate "unpack the garage from the pods vomit/organize the ofiice" put that's more of a task than a project.  project to me imparts the idea of creativity.  i also view opam as something special i do, that will bring me joy and a feeling of accomplishment, a little gift to myself.  while the garage would be, it's not really a choice.  i need to get that done this week, not this month.  charity collections are driving through on friday and monday, and then tuesday will be trash day. cars are back in the garage as of tuesday june 14th.

opam june
* house- decorate the playroom in the basement
we have a lot of orphaned art from the staging.  we are here to stay (for now) and I need to hang some of this stuff before it gets damaged.  maybe i'll use those two canvases and let the kids create something too.  maybe mod podge will be involved.  this project will be important to me because i want that space to be inviting to the kids, and i will feel such guilt if some of the pieces i intend to use get damaged because they weren't picked up and hung up, a simple task.

* personal- complete the 2009 blog to book
this is a bigger undertaking than the other five, because somehow, i forgot i hadn't finished blogging december 2009.  i am making this my personal opam, because i want this project tied up and finished this month, but i also need to give myself permission to not finish it stat, i do have other obligations.  this project will mean a lot to me, to have all those years as actual memory books.  for this to be completed and not have 2009 hang out in limbo forever.  this will refresh my soul each day, to see them, all lined up on a shelf.  
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