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Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. -Harold Whitman

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

[a bit here, a bit there]

i have to say one of the things i liked most about the flylady system was that you always felt like you were getting somewhere, and that you were doing well even if you only had 15 minutes to give. flylady was never about you being a better person for having a clean house, it was just about getting it done in a way that didn't burn you out or annoy you. cleaning wasn't a curse inflicted on you that you had to find a way to toil at with a swelling heart of selfless pride, it was just cleaning, so let's find a way to get it done and stop letting it have emotional validity in our lives.

our yard was pretty pristine for house showings, and then well, lots of rain, yanking it off the market and. . .oh my word, whose yard is this? this more i got all flylady on that yard, just do some work. anything is better than nothing. if i do 30-45 minutes each morning (first thing when it is cool), it will be tamed in a week or two. i don't have to let it get worse because i don't have hours to be out there, a little here, a little there, it will get done.

to do list

  • get to those lists from yesterday yesterday yesterday yesterday yesterday yesterday yesterday (it is becoming comical, the yesterdays)
  • laundry- make progress
  • basement- get kids to help me clean up
  • see if i can't sneak some time to get home routines set up
yeah that's it. i just don't feel like being a super hero. i've been working hard for a couple weeks now, and it's beautiful today. i'm thinking of seeing if i can't take the kids somewhere and get some photos of my daughter for her recent birthday milestone. or maybe we'll just enjoy being lazy and eating grapes.
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