Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that.
Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. -Harold Whitman

Monday, June 13, 2011

{yes...fresh start}

today I feel in bit of crisis mode...hubby is home sick and it is the first day of summer vacation. The house is a total disaster and I really feel the only way to cope is to do my old flylady crisis standby. 15 min per room rotation. Today I will do the first floor. In a rotation of:

1. kitchen
2. laundry
3. living room
4. dining room
5. powder room
6. master bed
7. master bath
8. office
wash...rinse...repeat if needed

The first rounds are mostly cleaning up all the stuff that is in it. The second rounds are cleaning. Once a room is done it is crossed off the list. I don't know how many rounds it will take but it never takes as long as I'm afraid it will.

I will also carry a piece of paper with me to identify any maintenance to be completed or ideas to make the space work better. I will not be doing any major organizing, just trying to get the room to a spot where I can look at it and say "ok - what can I do to make this room more peaceful, functional & beautiful." - not "oh man! there is so much dusting/crap to put away." Once the timer is up I stop in that room and move on.
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  1. i almost did a spit take.

    see my post, now above yours. about how i think 31 days to clean doesn't actually help you maintain your house and how i foresee myself going back to flylady.

    then i read your post here, that basically says, i need a clean house, i need flylady.

    it just made me smile.
    ps if you start using paper plates every sunday, i'm serious, we can't be friends anymore.

  2. brake! I haven't read your post yet but I've been thinking that 31 days isn't for me. I just never felt I was getting on top of anything. I still want to read the book and see if there is anything more to glean from it but I think the Mary challenges are more helpful than the Martha ones.

    ps - I really don't like that suggestion. I get the 'spirit' of it but think it is a total waste. How about having a bucket under the sink or something to hold your dishes if you truly don't want to do any work on Sunday. I think it misses the point. We still have to do some work on Sundays...I can't just not meet my children's needs on that day. It is more about not doing those things that separate us from God than not working at all.