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Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. -Harold Whitman

Friday, June 10, 2011


ow.  i am sore everywhere. save my grandmother's chair, everything that is staying is in the house.  there are 5 small boxes left, but everything else that belongs upstairs was put away where it belonged.  a few times in the master i'd find something and walk to the guest room and plop it there, because i didn't know where it should go, no!  it doesn't belong in the guest room either, so i took it downstairs to be dealt with.

i was very proud of this.  not letting the unpacking turn into cluttering.  what's left up there is the extra linen closet and bathroom supplies, and a box of children's books that used to be in the basement, very manageable.  the same goes for the basement, there is nothing dumped there, it is as it was before, just a box of dvds and xbox stuff to be unpacked.     

that leaves the first floor.  nothing dumped there either.  can you tell I am proud of this?  there is one box left marked kitchen, and that is all that is in that area.  the office is a different matter.  oi.  but that is just the way this process worked out.  i wanted my command center to be first, but it made more sense to do it this way.  now i know where i have space for overflow office supplies, and i can put them there instead of putting them in a pile in the respective room and making clutter there.  that is to say, organizing the office will not result in deorganizing the rest of the house.

the kidney foundation is supposed to come through for donations today, it is pouring rain.  i hope the driver takes everything.  i put a few token boxes on the porch with a note that says there is more, please ring the bell.  please pretty please let them take it all.

the list for today

  • get to those lists from yesterday yesterday yesterday (we'll see how many more yesterdays this gets before it gets crossed off)
  • get on the 31 days to clean challenges ( i am doing these, sort of, so i want to unsort-of that)
  • finish unpacking/organizing office
  • continue to maintain focus when unpacking, toss what we don't need, purposefully place the rest.
  • get some laundry done, at the least the kids dance costumes
  • don't yell at kids
  • keep patience with kids
i realize i may not finish the office today, and that's ok, or the other stuff too, but as long as i cross off those bottom two, we are in business.
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