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Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. -Harold Whitman

Monday, June 13, 2011

[fresh start]

i made it.  weeks ago i pointed forward and said, "i just have to get through, through the dance recital weekend, then it will calm down."  this past weekend was indeed dance recital weekend.  i made it.  despite not planning for any guests to be here or preparing anything i should have.  god bless our nearby and quick access to many restaurants. but the excuses are over now. i've gotten the garage unpacked, it's in the house, there are a few boxes left but nothing crutch worthy. there shouldn't be any huge projects that are urgent and time consuming, i should be able to start making progress in multiple things a day again. it's time to start being responsible again and not behind. stop surviving life and start living it.

the list for today

  • get to those lists from yesterday yesterday yesterday yesterday yesterday yesterday 
  • get on the 31 days to clean challenges, not just the cleaning, but the homework too.  see post above.  i find some merit in the initial e-book, but the extra cleaning challenges/cleaning system are leaving me annoyed, it seems haphazard and not really maintenance.  but maybe that's because i am cursed to do laundry <sarcasm>
  • keep working on laundry, i'm not going to make it more specific, just make progress of some kind
  • make a plan for what remains after the second charity pick up comes through today (hopefully my plan is celebrate, not find another charity) put box spring out to curb tomorrow, the rest is gone! woot!
  • keep patience with the kids
  • don't yell at the kids
  • change sheets that need changed
then i dug through those challenges and have a little list to add despite not knowing exactly what exactly these list items mean- seriously i like specific. like no where do i see vacuum.  when am i supposed to vacuum my house?  is that part of the main areas everyday?
  • clean up kitchen, yes, i get it, you have to clean it everyday but am i doing it all everyday? i'll just try to make it look less like a pit of neglect.
  • "clean up" master and guest rooms- i'm going to go with organize for today, see if i can tidy up josh's room too.
  • clean out fridge and freezer
  • clean up microwave (score grandma fran did that this weekend)
  • mission statement
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