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Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. -Harold Whitman

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

{mary opam}

So my June OPAM is a biggy (I know I know...I promise not to burn myself out)! My office really needs to be done. It is the command center for our home and I don't feel that I can move forward on anything else in the home until it is done. I am making it my home OPAM and my personal OPAM, since it will also be my creative space. It is a huge undertaking I know...but a necessity.

So to accomplish this goal I need to do the following...

1. empty out office so I can paint
2. move book shelf to guest room/library
3. choose paint
4. paint - decide if I'm going to stencil office ala emily at Jones Design Co.
5. put together IKEA shelves
6. move abby's desk to other wall
7. organize all paperwork into file (no more piles! <-that's my new motto - isn't it fancy!)
8. organize scrapbook stuff and fabrics
9. choose curtain fabric for future project (learn to sew curtains)
10. hang pictures

you know what makes this even MORE awesome....I'm going to be gone for 2 this may be more a June/July OPAM. Maybe I can get my fabric and take the sewing machine with me to my folks and make the curtains there? hmmmmmmmm something to think about.
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  1. all right, this month only (ok maybe july too) you can be a crazy pants. but after that i'm making you reign it in and bring OPAM back to something more manageable. . .a project, not a mission. :-)

  2. i do approve though, that you laid out steps to do it. if you are going to go big and crazy, at least have steps. then you can take these steps and break them down into daily to do tasks.

  3. true! Also, if it does become too much I can break it down into several months worth of OPAMs.