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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

[the real work]

why are we here, or I guess I can ask why am I here, on mary's blog?  

because i want to stop feeling overwhelmed and burdened down by what needs to be done.  i want to be accountable to someone other than myself.  
let's face it, my family isn't going to keep me accountable.  a basket of my husband's clean laundry sat on his dresser for nearly two weeks, he just rifled through it.  i'll say my new favorite "a place for everything and everything in it's place" and then before bed find his bag from lacrosse season (which is over) on the gorgeous bench. . .in the office. . .because that's totally the place for a sports bag. the kids are kids, they can't remember where something is, let alone that they were the ones who wrecked the family room (the new no wrecking zone since the staging selling and unselling of the house).  although my daughter was the first to say "daddy is going to get a lot of his stuff thrown away, he doesn't put it in its place, he makes piles."  out of the mouths of babes.  i think she'll be the most helpful, it's in here, the urge to organize, i just need to cultivate it.  and i need to stop treating josh as the baby who needs more help than her.

so i need mary. i need someone who understands what i want and the reality of what it will take to get it done, someone who will join my pity party and inspire me to do it anyway.  someone who will help me remember its ok to have spontaneous fun some days instead and be human and mess up.  someone to point out when I am biting off more than i can chew. 

we are also going to share this 31 days to clean concept.  and we are going to start on the 7th of the month, because that is how we roll.

yesterday i posted my first to do list (i need to go change the font on that one to help distinguish me from mary, it is her blog after all), but it wasn't truly authentic as I posted it in the late afternoon. i did it because i wanted to cross off josh not having cancer.  that amused me, and i have a feeling it amused mary too.  no cancer. . .cross that off the list. . .check!  

so here is a real list for today:

  • put away laundry- yes I didn't get it done yet, just penny's to go
  • unpack 10 boxes from the garage unfortunately i brought in more, and now they are unpacked and the contents all over my floor. 
  • be brutal and decluttering while unpacking- don't just put it away, decide whether it should get a place in our home again, if it is worthy of me taking care of it, everything i unpack is one more thing in this house i have to manage and maintain
  • not yell at the kids- not so much
  • return the overdue library books and pay the fine
  • sign the kids up for summer reading programs
  • make my living lists- all that i want to accomplish, all that needs done, the lists
  • get the kids to their last dance classes on time- late 5 minutes to Josh's but turned back to get gift, 2 minutes late to penny's---doh
  • finish and remember to take their thank you gifts for their teachers
  • complete day 1 of 31 days to clean
  • keep my patience, it's me and these two kids, all summer- I did yell but I did keep patient, so there's something
  • post about my opam for june
this is it, this is the day mary and i move forward, do the real work.  we did this once before.  i was pregnant with josh, she had two little kids to care for and we found flylady.  we did it, we got on chat and reminded each other each day, have you done your zone cleaning?  your daily?  then cool we can kick back and chat during naps.  we can do it again.  but this time it's going to be different i think.  this time it isn't two harried moms trying to manage the onslaught of cleaning with little kids (no on can tame damien), it's two women making their lives work for them not against them.  it's hopefully about living happily and not dreading your day and what all still won't be done when it's over.  

it's about having a plan and following through.
like mary said in the sidebar, it's about figuring out what we want and how to get it.    
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