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Thursday, May 24, 2012

{wwiw: what I wore wednesday}

yes...I do realize that it is Thursday...I actually JUST realized this...*sigh*

In an effort to make myself more presentable each day I thought I'd start showing you what I wear on a regular basis.  I follow a few bloggers who do this and I love seeing everyones styles. 

 Top - Old Navy (not available)
Lace Trimmed Shaping Cami - Costco 
Pants - Old Navy

As I move through my 'heavy' wardrobe you are going to see a lot of black (and probably this outfit again).  I'm running out of clothes that fit but I don't want to go buy new ones quite yet.  Yes, I am wearing sweat pants.  They are just SO comfy and I like to wear them! 

I must have taken 100,000,000 pictures and this was the only one that turned out.  My biggest problem is that I do not have a full length mirror and so was using a wall mirror that is currently waiting to be hung up...and I couldn't seem to hold still...and yada yada yada.  So I don't have a cute pose and you can't see my face but I promise I did wash it today and even put on some makeup and earrings.  My hair is down and the sides are twisted back.  I just started doing this and as my hair gets longer (it is about mid collar bone) I really like how it looks.

As I continue to move towards ultimate health I like to think of my dream wardrobe.  I love this outfit from Lilly's Style (she has the BEST clothes!).  This is how I would like to dress on those days I don't have a lot going on outside the house but want to look cute in case I have to go somewhere or someone comes to the door.

via Lilly's Style

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